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    Organisational online arrangements for the end of Q3 2020-2021 assessments (Covid-19)
    • Written exam (multiple choice, open questions)

    Organisational arrangements for the end of Q2 2020-2021 assessments (Covid-19) online or face-to-face (according to assessment schedule)

    • Written exam (multiple choice, open questions)

    Content of Learning Activity

    The course takes as a common thread the question of the "norm", which it questions from different authors through the history of ideas, from ancient to contemporary philosophy. This is less of an inventory of everything that has been said on the concept of norm than to analyze how this notion raises major problems for different fields of thought, since epistemology - by the issues of the norm of truth or universality in Humanities - to the ethical and political - worked through the question of social norms, action norms and the relationship to the laws of the city - and through aesthetics - and the question of the norm of beauty or of what is considered a work of art.  
    The challenge of the course, in relation to global cursus, is the following: to develop a properly philosophical questioning which enriches, by the shift in point of view that it operates, a more general reflection in Economy. This interdisciplinary enrichment is achieved both through the transversal skills mobilized by the course (cf. Learning outcomes) and both through the question it deploys, that of the norm, also at the heart of central issues for Economics and Humanities (whether we think of the norm of reason and knowledge, or the normative standards of production and management, etc.).  

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