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Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy
Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Laurence RIS
  • Panel Secretary : Jean-Marie COLET
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Courses
UM-B1-BIOMED-028-M Human General Biology608002088Q188
UM-B1-BIOMED-016-M General chemistry I4034002094Q155
UM-B1-BIOMED-017-M Organic chemistry I2016001046Q133
UM-B1-BIOMED-003-M Mathematical Introduction to Life Sciences2024003074Q133
UM-B1-BIOMED-004-M Biomedical Physics1001000030230Q1,Q21515
UM-B1-BIOMED-022-M General Chemistry II302700057Q266
UM-B1-BIOMED-023-M Organic Chemistry II15800023Q233
UM-B1-BIOMED-006-M Formal Logic101000020Q233
UM-B1-BIOMED-029-M General Biochemistry301000343Q244
UM-B1-BIOMED-009-M Introduction to Human Anatomy15000015Q222
UM-B1-BIOMED-019-M Epistemology of biomedical sciences15000015Q222
Compulsory Courses to choose6
L'étudiant choisit un module optionnel de 6 crédits parmi les 2 modules proposés ci-dessous.
Sciences biomédicales
UM-B1-BIOMED-005-M Mathematics in Life Sciences2030003080Q233
UM-B1-BIOMED-030-M Initiation à la recherche en sciences biomédicales et pharmaceutiques03200032Q233
UM-B1-BIOMED-034-M Carnet de suivi41600020Y
Sciences médicales
UM-B1-BIOMED-031-M Introduction aux statistiques biomédicales15000015Q122
UM-B1-BIOMED-032-M Neurophysiologie générale301000343Q244
Enseignements complémentaires pour les remédiations disciplinaires0
UM-B1-BIOMED-024-M Remédiation disciplinaire en Biologie00002020Q2
UM-B1-BIOMED-025-M Remédiation disciplinaire en Chimie00003030Q2
UM-B1-BIOMED-026-M Remédiation disciplinaire en Mathématiques00003030Q2
UM-B1-BIOMED-027-M Remédiation disciplinaire en Physique00003030Q2
Reduced workload
UM-B1-BIOMED-020-M Communication and critical analysis of information40000040Q2
UM-B1-BIOMED-021-M Remediation of scientific courses2000000200Q2
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Enseignements obligatoires
UM-B2-BIOMED-001-M Metabolic Biochemistry Prérequis302000050Q155
UM-B2-BIOMED-002-M General Histology353500070Q166
UM-B2-BIOMED-004-M Immunology Prérequis Corequis15000015Q122
UM-B2-BIOMED-005-M Modèles expérimentaux de la recherche en sciences biomédicales Prérequis303000060Q155
UM-B2-BIOMED-006-M Elements of Splanchnology Prérequis30500035Q133
UM-B2-BIOMED-014-M General Physiology351200350Q144
UM-B2-BIOMED-013-M Bibliography and IT Tools101000020Q122
UM-B2-BIOMED-007-M English for Biomedical Sciences I60000060Q1,Q244
UM-B2-BIOMED-008-M Special Histology Corequis202500045Q244
UM-B2-BIOMED-009-M Molecular Biology Prérequis Corequis304600076Q255
UM-B2-BIOMED-017-M Physiologie et physiopathologie des systèmes: cardiovasculaire et glandes endocrines Corequis402000666Q266
UM-B2-BIOMED-018-M Physiologie et physiopathologie des systèmes: digestif Corequis203200052Q244
UM-B2-BIOMED-023-M Introduction à l'analyse des données de la recherche01000010Q211
UM-B2-BIOMED-022-M Carnet de suivi41600020Y
Enseignements optionnels9
Sciences biomédicales
UM-B2-BIOMED-015-M Introduction aux statistiques biomédicales15000015Q122
UM-B2-BIOMED-011-M General and Medical Microbiology Corequis30000030Q233
UM-B2-BIOMED-016-M General Neurophysiology301000343Q244
Sciences médicales
UM-B2-BIOMED-019-M Mathématique appliquée aux sciences de la vie2030003080Q233
UM-B2-BIOMED-020-M Chimie organique II15800023Q233
UM-B2-BIOMED-021-M Initiation à la recherche en sciences biomédicales et pharmaceutiques03200032Q233
UM-B2-BIOMED-024-M Carnet de suivi41600020Y
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Enseignements obligatoires
UM-B3-BIOMED-001-M General Toxicology Corequis30000030Q133
UM-B3-BIOMED-002-M Microbiology - Parasitology and Mycology Prérequis201500035Q144
UM-B3-BIOMED-003-M General Pharmacology Prérequis201000030Q133
UM-B3-BIOMED-004-M Immunopathology Prérequis15000015Q122
UM-B3-BIOMED-005-M Systems Neurophysiology Prérequis301000040Q144
UM-B3-BIOMED-021-M Biochimie pathologique Prérequis30000030Q133
UM-B3-BIOMED-022-M Anatomie pathologique générale Prérequis201000030Q133
UM-B3-BIOMED-007-M English for Biomedical Sciences II Prérequis60000060Q1,Q244
UM-B3-BIOMED-008-M Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis202000040Q144
UM-B3-BIOMED-020-M Notions de statistique médicale Prérequis151500030Q133
UM-B3-BIOMED-024-M Physiologie et physiopathologie des systèmes: respiratoire et urinaire Prérequis401600056Q144
UM-B3-BIOMED-010-M Complément de biologie moléculaire et régulation de l'expression des gènes Prérequis201500035Q244
UM-B3-BIOMED-011-M Cell Biology Prérequis151500030Q233
UM-B3-BIOMED-012-M Microbiology and Toxicology Corequis00480048Q211
UM-B3-BIOMED-013-M Predictive Toxicology Prérequis Corequis15000015Q222
UM-B3-BIOMED-014-M Human Embryology and Organogenesis Prérequis20000020Q222
UM-B3-BIOMED-015-M Elements of Pathology30000030Q244
UM-B3-BIOMED-016-M Medical Genetics Prérequis20000020Q222
UM-B3-BIOMED-017-M Experimental Application of a Transdisciplinary Study in Biomedical Sciences04800048Q233
UM-B3-BIOMED-023-M Analyse des données de la recherche en sciences biomédicales02000020Q222
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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