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School of Human and Social Sciences
Bachelor's in Human and Social Sciences (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Christiane BUGHIN
  • Panel Secretary : David JAMAR
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UH-B1-SCHUMS-015-M History of Political Thought30000030Q144
UH-B1-SCHUMS-016-M Introduction to political science30000030Q144
UH-B1-SCHUMS-018-M Sociology45000045Q255
UH-B1-SCHUMS-019-M Good Learning Practices for Students in Higher Education101000020Q1,Q222
UH-B1-SCHUMS-017-M Social Anthropology30000030Q144
UH-B1-SCHUMS-020-M Communications Theories30000030Q244
UH-B1-SCHUMS-004-M Contemporary History30000030Q244
UH-B1-SCHUMS-005-M Political Economy40000040Q144
UH-B1-SCHUMS-006-M Introduction to Law and Civil Law45000045Q155
UH-B1-SCHUMS-021-M Social Psychology30000030Q133
UH-B1-SCHUMS-022-M Psychological Sciences : History, Methods and Domains15000015Q222
UH-B1-SCHUMS-008-M Fundamentals for Statistical in the Human Sciences303000060Q166
UH-B1-SCHUMS-009-M Information Technology161400030Q244
UH-B1-SCHUMS-010-M English for Human and Social Sciences I50000050Q1,Q255
Language Option4
UH-B1-SCHUMS-011-M Español para Ciencias Humanas y Sociales I45000045Q1,Q244
UH-B1-SCHUMS-012-M Nederlands voor Humane en Sociale Wetenschappen I45000045Q1,Q244
Remedial Courses
UH-B1-SCHUMS-013-M Question & Answer Session10000010Q2
UH-B1-SCHUMS-014-M Work Methodology11002022Q1,Q2
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UH-B2-SCHUMS-023-M Political Doctrines and Regimes30000030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-024-M Exercices in History of Political Thought Prérequis60240030Q2,Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-002-M Modern and Contemporary History of Belgium30000030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-026-M General Accounting301500045Q144
UH-B2-SCHUMS-039-M International Law and International Organizations30000030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-040-M Management et analyses des organisations402000060Q255
UH-B2-SCHUMS-027-M Ethology and Societies200100030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-028-M Philosophy and Social Sciences30000030Q233
UH-B2-SCHUMS-006-M Methods of Research in Political and Social Science Prérequis30000030Q233
UH-B2-SCHUMS-007-M Quantitative Techniques for Human Sciences Prérequis303000060Q266
UH-B2-SCHUMS-008-M English for Human and Social Sciences II Prérequis501000060Q1,Q255
Language Option4
UH-B2-SCHUMS-010-M Nederlands voor Humane en Sociale Wetenschappen II Prérequis45000045Q1,Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-009-M Español para Ciencias Humanas y Sociales II Prérequis45000045Q1,Q244
Optional Modules (15 ECTS) -The student must choose one 15-credit module from the modules listed below15
Optional Module : Sociology et Anthropology
UH-B2-SCHUMS-011-M History of Sociological Thought40000040Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-013-M Anthropological Methodology30000030Q144
UH-B2-SCHUMS-029-M Elements of Economic Anthropology Prérequis30000030Q144
UH-B2-SCHUMS-030-M Anthropology of nature Prérequis30000030Q133
Optional Module : Information - Communication
UH-B2-SCHUMS-032-M Socio-Economy of the Media30000030Q233
UH-B2-SCHUMS-031-M Introduction to journalism151500030Q1,Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-014-M Fundamentals of marketing181200030Q233
UH-B2-SCHUMS-033-M Language and Communication15000015Q122
UH-B2-SCHUMS-034-M Practise of communication02000020Q133
Optional Module : Human Resources Management
UH-B2-SCHUMS-017-M Human Resources Management201000030Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-019-M Social Psychology of organizations30000030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-035-M Work Psychology151500030Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-036-M Conflict Management and Mediation201000030Q244
Optional Module : Political Sciences
UH-B2-SCHUMS-021-M History of Sociological Thought40000040Q244
UH-B2-SCHUMS-022-M Sciences and politics201000030Q133
UH-B2-SCHUMS-037-M Political Parties and Ideologies Prérequis54000045Q155
UH-B2-SCHUMS-038-M Socio-Economy of the Media30000030Q233
UE transitoires BLOC 2
UH-B2-SCHUMS-920-M Modern and Contemporary History of Belgium30000030Q144
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UH-B3-SCHUMS-001-M Historical Method30000030Q233
UH-B3-SCHUMS-002-M Questions of Sociology Prérequis303000060Q1,Q266
UH-B3-SCHUMS-003-M Sociology of the Media30000030Q133
UH-B3-SCHUMS-035-M Critical analysis of the media151500030Q133
UH-B3-SCHUMS-005-M Public and Administrative Law30000030Q233
UH-B3-SCHUMS-006-M Elements of Epistemology of Social Sciences Prérequis Corequis301500045Q166
UH-B3-SCHUMS-007-M Human and Social Science Poject Prérequis Corequis04600046Y,Q21010
UH-B3-SCHUMS-026-M Labour Economics Prérequis27300030Q233
Choice of Course- The student must choose one 4 credit UE from the two UEs listed below4
UH-B3-SCHUMS-024-M Public Finance30000030Q144
UH-B3-SCHUMS-025-M Public Finance30000030Q144
UH-B3-SCHUMS-009-M English for Human and Social Sciences III Prérequis44000044Q1,Q255
Language Option4
UH-B3-SCHUMS-010-M Español para Ciencias Humanas y Sociales III Prérequis45000045Q1,Q244
UH-B3-SCHUMS-011-M Nederlands voor Humane en Sociale Wetenschappen III Prérequis45000045Q1,Q244
Optional Modules (10 ECTS) - The student must choose one 10-credits module from the modules below (BSHS-Bloc3)10
Optional Module : Sociology et Anthropology
UH-B3-SCHUMS-027-M Decolonial Anthropology30000030Q233
UH-B3-SCHUMS-028-M Sciences et politiics Prérequis201000030Q133
UH-B3-SCHUMS-029-M Questions of socio-anthropology Prérequis30000030Q144
Optional Module : Information - Communication
UH-B3-SCHUMS-031-M General Semiology20000020Q122
UH-B3-SCHUMS-030-M Practise of journalism Prérequis102000030Q1,Q244
UH-B3-SCHUMS-014-M Business Communication17800025Q244
Optional Module : Human Resources Management
UH-B3-SCHUMS-016-M Psychopedacogical Approaches of Teams Prérequis202000040Q1,Q233
UH-B3-SCHUMS-021-M Socially Responsible Human Resources Management Prérequis201000030Q133
Choice of Course- The student must choose one 4 credit UE from the two UEs listed below
UH-B3-SCHUMS-017-M Econometrics Prérequis161400030Q244
UH-B3-SCHUMS-018-M Introduction à la stratégie en management30000030Q144
Optional Module : Political Sciences
UH-B3-SCHUMS-032-M Political sociology30000030Q133
UH-B3-SCHUMS-033-M Elements of Economic Anthropology Prérequis30000030Q144
UH-B3-SCHUMS-034-M Theory and questions of International Relations30000030Q233
Transition Courses Bloc 30
UH-B3-SCHUMS-915-M Critical analysis of the media151500030Q14100
Bloc MobilitéHours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
UE exclusivement accessibles aux étudiants à Mobilité In
UH-BM-SCHUMS-809-M Social anthropology30000030Q155
UH-BM-SCHUMS-808-M Sociology45000045Q255
UH-BM-SCHUMS-806-M Introduction to political science30000030Q155
UH-BM-SCHUMS-807-M History of Political Thought30000030Q155
UH-BM-SCHUMS-817-M Communications Theories30000030Q233
UH-BM-SCHUMS-826-M Psychological Sciences I : History, Methods and Domains15000015Q233
UH-BM-SCHUMS-810-M Political Doctrines and Regimes30000030Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-811-M Exercices in History of Political Thought03000030Q244
UH-BM-SCHUMS-819-M Philosophy and Social Sciences30000030Q233
UH-BM-SCHUMS-818-M Ethology and Societies200100030Q133
UH-BM-SCHUMS-815-M Political Parties and Ideologies54000045Q155
UH-BM-SCHUMS-813-M Elements of Economic Anthropology30000030Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-803-M Pratique du journalisme-partie 151000015Q133
UH-BM-SCHUMS-820-M Introduction au journalisme12300015Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-822-M Methods of Research in Political and Social Science30000030Q255
UH-BM-SCHUMS-821-M Socio-Economy of the Media30000030Q244
UH-BM-SCHUMS-827-M Méthodologie de l'anthropologie30000030Q155
UH-BM-SCHUMS-805-M General Semiology20000020Q133
UH-BM-SCHUMS-804-M Pratique du journalisme-partie 251000015Q233
UH-BM-SCHUMS-802-M Questions of Sociology - Part 2151500030Q244
UH-BM-SCHUMS-801-M Questions of Sociology, Part 1151500030Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-812-M Elements of Epistemology of Social Sciences301500045Q166
UH-BM-SCHUMS-816-M Political sociology30000030Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-823-M Anthropologie décoloniale30000030Q244
UH-BM-SCHUMS-824-M Question de socio-anthropologie30000030Q144
UH-BM-SCHUMS-828-M Sociology of the Media30000030Q144
Justification of the UE over the year. Justified pedagogical reason
Annual UEs for language courses at Bachelor level: Language learning is the development of four
skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) that are strengthened gradually through
regular and varied learning activities. The Task-based Language Learning (TBLT) approach, which responds to current
educational trends, requires the implementation of a set of learning activities focused on the learner and the integration
of tasks, such as grammar
At Bachelor level, it is essential to have a progressive plan and assessment in place regarding
passive skills (listening and reading) and active skills (speaking and writing). The
second term examinations assess a set of "know-how" that covers everything learnt
throughout the year.
Organising language courses as part of annual UEs is fully justified, given
the diversity of language levels at the beginning of the university course.

Annual UE ?Tutoring Groups? (BLOCK 1 SHS)
This tutoring activity runs throughout the year and aims to encourage B1 students to be more academically involved by taking part in communication activities. These activities are tutored by students who are further ahead in their studies of the same curriculum. B1 students are required to do two written assignments to demonstrate the evolution of their abilities, one in December and the other in April-May. The comments on the December presentation and written work are re-evaluated during the second presentation and written assignment, justifying the fact that the students receive a single overall grade for the whole course, and not a different grade for each semester.

Annual UE "UH-B1-SCHUMS-005-M - Political Economy": The UE aims to acquire students registered for the first time
on a Bachelor"s course, the basic notions of the core subject of the curriculum not addressed in secondary school and
difficult to teach in one semester.

Annual UE "UH-B3-SCHUMS-006-M - Research Methodology": The UE comprises 10 ECTS, reflecting a volume of
subjects that are difficult to cover in a single term for undergraduate students. Additionally, the Learning
Activities in this Educational Component are linked to the end-of-cycle project; they both aim to provide the
tools necessary to carry out this project (research methods, epistemology, written communication). Students" projects
serve as applications for the various learning activities included in this UE.

Annual UE "Practise of journalism": This UE brings together journalism-related learning activities,
which includes a large volume of practical work in written and oral media. Students registered on this course
collaborate with the publications editorial board of the University of Mons by providing written contributions,
as well as with the University"s radio station, YouFM. The preparation time required for the practical work of this UE makes it difficult
to teach it all in a single semester.

Annual UE ?Psychopedagogical Approach? (BLOCK 3 SHS)
This theoretical part of this course addresses the concepts of managing small groups, while the practical part requires B3 students to become tutors, managing small groups of B1 students throughout the academic year (from October to May). These student tutors are supervised and are required to write reports, integrating theoretical concepts and a personal analysis of their own practice. After the first semester, in early February, the student tutors in each group have an evaluative feedback session on their own practice, which will influence the objectives they set during the tutoring sessions in the second semester, and when writing their reports.
Therefore, the evolution and observation of the student?s practice, as well as the student?s own reflective analysis, are all taken into account for the final evaluation, justifying the fact the students receive a single overall grade for the whole course, and not a different grade for each semester.

Annual UE ?Introduction to Journalistic Information?

The aim of the UE ?Introduction to Journalistic Information? is for students to become familiar with the world of journalism, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. Students will learn to decipher the ways in which information is produced and processed, and will learn about the main contemporary issues and debates of journalism. They will also be introduced to the basics of journalistic expression and writing. This UE is taught annually because of the time required to carry out exercises and practical work (interviews, articles, portraits, etc.). The practical activities of this course cannot be completed in one single semester. In addition, some of the exercises depend directly on the theoretical subject. As such, it is more appropriate to teach this UE annually and give a final overall grade for the course.

Annual UE ?Exercises in the History of Political Thought?

To cover all of its learning activities, this UE must be spread over both semesters. These include choosing a book by a political thinker, assimilating and applying methodological instructions, completing a written assignment requiring several weeks of work in the first semester, and giving an oral presentation of this work in seminars spread over several weeks in the second semester. One semester would be too short to cover all the learning activities, and reducing the timing would make it impossible to achieve the educational objectives set.

Annual UE "UH-B3-SCHUMS-002-M - Questions of Sociology": This course consists of both a theoretical part and a "practical"
part. As for the practical aspect of sociology, it is very difficult to do anything other than "work in the field"
(mainly interviews). However, this work in the field requires methodological and conceptual preparation,
which can take place over a long period of time,
and can require a lot of work to be prepared in advance (this, however, could contradict the point of the activity). Spreading this AA over year allows students to fully grasp it.
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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