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Faculty of Engineering
Bachelor's in Engineering (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Christine RENOTTE
  • Panel Secretary : Georges KOUROUSSIS
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UI-B1-IRCIVI-001-M Introduction to Engineering244800072Q166
UI-B1-IRCIVI-002-M Differential Geometry, Technical Drawings and Computer Graphics223000860Q155
UI-B1-IRCIVI-003-M Engineering Mathematics 1444400896Q188
UI-B1-IRCIVI-004-M Engineering Mathematics 2323200872Q266
UI-B1-IRCIVI-005-M Theoretical Mechanics I3636001284Q1,Q277
UI-B1-IRCIVI-006-M General Physics404800896Q1,Q288
UI-B1-IRCIVI-007-M Elements of Physical and Organic Chemistry3537001284Q1,Q277
UI-B1-IRCIVI-008-M Data Structures and Algorithms204400872Q266
UI-B1-IRCIVI-009-M Environmental Concepts, Industrial Processes and Sustainable Development241200036Q233
UI-B1-IRCIVI-010-M Businesses on the Market24000024Q222
UI-B1-IRCIVI-011-M English for Engineers I36000036Q1,Q222
Remedical teaching0
UI-B1-IRCIVI-100-M Academic Learning Skills - Q109000090Q1
UI-B1-IRCIVI-200-M Academic Learning Skills - Q204500045Q2
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required
UI-B2-IRCIVI-001-M Introduction to Engineering Professions Prérequis244800072Q266
UI-B2-IRCIVI-002-M Applied Mathematics Prérequis321600048Q144
UI-B2-IRCIVI-003-M Probability and Statistics Prérequis242400048Q244
UI-B2-IRCIVI-004-M Numerical Analysis Prérequis301800048Q144
UI-B2-IRCIVI-005-M Theoretical Mechanics II Prérequis Corequis363600072Q166
UI-B2-IRCIVI-006-M Modern Physics Prérequis363600072Q1,Q266
UI-B2-IRCIVI-007-M Reaction Chemistry Prérequis Corequis212700048Q244
UI-B2-IRCIVI-008-M Object Oriented Methodology Prérequis181800036Q133
UI-B2-IRCIVI-009-M Fields, Signals and Systems Prérequis Corequis404400084Q277
UI-B2-IRCIVI-010-M Thermodynamics Prérequis434100084Q1,Q277
UI-B2-IRCIVI-011-M Introduction to materials Prérequis262200048Q144
UI-B2-IRCIVI-012-M Company Profitability24000024Q122
UI-B2-IRCIVI-013-M English for Engineers II Prérequis48000048Q1,Q233
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required15
UI-B3-IRCIVI-001-M Introduction to Applied Electronics Prérequis211500036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-002-M Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Prérequis241200036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-003-M General Theory of Electrical Machines Prérequis181800036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-004-M Heat Transfer - Fundamentals Prérequis Corequis201600036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-005-M English for Engineering III Prérequis48000048Q1,Q233
Optional Courses45
Option Chimie et sciences des matériaux - 1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-102-M Electrochemistry Prérequis322400056Q155
UI-B3-IRCIVI-103-M Chemical Thermodynamics Prérequis341400048Q144
UI-B3-IRCIVI-104-M Production and structure of metals Corequis181800036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-106-M Introduction to Process Engineering Corequis121200024Q122
UI-B3-IRCIVI-107-M Analytical Chemistry Prérequis Corequis332700060Q155
Option Chimie et sciences des matériaux - 2
UI-B3-IRCIVI-101-M Organic Chemistry Prérequis303000060Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-105-M Solid State Physics Prérequis30600036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-108-M Kinetics and Interfacial Chemistry Prérequis332700060Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-109-M Materials Science Prérequis Corequis242400048Q244
UI-B3-IRCIVI-110-M Unit Operations : Basics and Numerical Applications Corequis211500036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-111-M Materials and Chemistry Personnal Project07260078Y,Q266
Option Electricité - 1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-201-M Circuit Theory Prérequis143400048Q144
UI-B3-IRCIVI-202-M Digital and Logic Systems Prérequis304200072Q166
UI-B3-IRCIVI-203-M Industrial Process Control Prérequis324000072Q166
UI-B3-IRCIVI-204-M Basis of Telecommunication Corequis301800048Q144
UI-B3-IRCIVI-205-M Digital Communications Corequis181800036Q133
Option Electricité - 2
UI-B3-IRCIVI-206-M Machines and Power Systems Corequis242400048Q244
UI-B3-IRCIVI-207-M Electronics Devices and Technologies Corequis262200048Q244
UI-B3-IRCIVI-208-M Computer Networks321600048Q244
UI-B3-IRCIVI-209-M Microprocessors Corequis242400048Q244
UI-B3-IRCIVI-210-M Electrical Engineering Project07260078Q266
Option Informatique et gestion - 1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-301-M Optimization362400060Q155
UI-B3-IRCIVI-302-M Software Development Tools Prérequis303000060Q155
UI-B3-IRCIVI-313-M Data Science Prérequis345000084Q177
UI-B3-IRCIVI-306-M Data Modelling (Project) and Big Data184200060Q155
Option Informatique et gestion - 2
UI-B3-IRCIVI-303-M Computing Project185460078Q266
UI-B3-IRCIVI-309-M Efficient and Ethical Decisions Prérequis Corequis362400060Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-314-M Financial Decisions and Enterprise Modeling Prérequis421800060Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-315-M Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations181800036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-316-M Mobile Applications121200024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-317-M Competitive Programming121200024Q222
Option Mécanique - 1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-401-M Scientific and Technical Lectures in Mechanical Engineering01200012Q1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-402-M Technical drawing, dimensional metrology and CAD Prérequis304200072Q166
UI-B3-IRCIVI-403-M Structural Mechanics Prérequis322800060Q155
UI-B3-IRCIVI-404-M Manufacturing processes and Metal Alloys Prérequis481200060Q155
UI-B3-IRCIVI-405-M Industrial Process Control Prérequis324000072Q166
Option Mécanique - 2
UI-B3-IRCIVI-406-M Manufacturing Technology Project Prérequis Corequis68260094Q277
UI-B3-IRCIVI-407-M Heat Transfer - Complements Corequis121200024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-408-M Machine Design Corequis481200060Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-409-M Dynamics of Mechanical Systems and Vibrations Prérequis Corequis403200072Q266
UI-B3-IRCIVI-410-M Fundamentals of Fluid Machinery and Heat Engines Prérequis Corequis221400036Q233
Option Mines et géologie - 1
UI-B3-IRCIVI-501-M Structural Mechanics Prérequis181800036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-502-M Geotechnics 1 Corequis241200036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-523-M General Geology and Stratigraphy-Paleontology346200096Q188
UI-B3-IRCIVI-526-M Extraction of Mineral Resources360012048Q144
UI-B3-IRCIVI-527-M Mechanical Behaviour of Geomaterials241200036Q133
UI-B3-IRCIVI-521-M Analytic Chemistry and Chemometrics181800036Q133
Option Mines et géologie - 2
UI-B3-IRCIVI-525-M Project in Geomechanics65460066Q255
UI-B3-IRCIVI-504-M Geographic Information System and Geomatics Prérequis121200024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-507-M Principles of Mineral Processing Prérequis241200036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-508-M Topography Prérequis121200024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-513-M Structural Geology and Tectonic Mapping Prérequis121200024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-516-M Geology of Belgium Corequis02400024Q222
UI-B3-IRCIVI-520-M Fundamentals of Fluid Machinery and Heat Engines Prérequis Corequis221400036Q233
UI-B3-IRCIVI-522-M Surface Physicochemistry15900024Q222
Enseignements complémentaires0
UI-B3-IRCIVI-722-M Scientific Topics in Engineering000000Y22
UI-B3-IRCIVI-723-M Advanced Scientific Topics in Engineering000000Y33
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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