Study programme 2020-2021Français
Faculty of Translation and Interpretation - School of International Interpreters
Bachelor's in Translation and Interpretation (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Indra NOEL
  • Panel Secretary : Corinne LEBURTON
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Basic Language (French)16
UT-B1-TRAINT-150-M Analysis of Written and Oral Discourse (part 1)121800838Q122
UT-B1-TRAINT-151-M Oral and Written Communication (part 1)113400853Q144
UT-B1-TRAINT-152-M Analysis of Written and Oral Discourse (part 2)37800853Q255
UT-B1-TRAINT-153-M Oral and Written Communication (part 2)113400853Q255
UT-B1-TRAINT-103-M German Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-104-M German Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-105-M English Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-106-M English Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-107-M Danish Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-108-M Danish Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-109-M Spanish Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-110-M Spanish Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-111-M Italian Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-112-M Italian Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-113-M Dutch Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-114-M Dutch Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-115-M Russian Language (part 1)2056001692Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-116-M Russian Language (part 2)1658001690Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-117-M Arabic Language (part 1)205600076Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-118-M Arabic Language (part 2)165800074Q288
UT-B1-TRAINT-119-M Chinese Language (part 1)205600076Q188
UT-B1-TRAINT-120-M Chinese Language (part 2)165800074Q288
General Courses 12
UT-B1-TRAINT-121-M General Courses 175000075Q166
UT-B1-TRAINT-122-M General Courses 260000060Q266
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Basic Language (French)15
UT-B2-TRAINT-051-M Analysis of Written and Oral Discourse (part 3) Prérequis264900075Q166
UT-B2-TRAINT-002-M Analysis of Written and Oral Discourse (part 4) Corequis185700075Q299
Languages (2 to be selected)36
UT-B2-TRAINT-052-M Command of the Language (part 1) : German Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-053-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : German72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-054-M Command of the Language (part 2) : German Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-055-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : German Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-056-M Command of the Language (part 1) : English Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-057-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : English72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-058-M Command of the Language (part 2) : English Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-059-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : English Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-060-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Danish Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-061-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Danish72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-062-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Danish Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-063-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Danish Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-064-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Spanish Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-065-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Spanish72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-066-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Spanish Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-067-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Spanish Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-068-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Italian Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-069-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Italian72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-070-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Italian Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-071-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Italian Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-072-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Dutch Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-073-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Dutch72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-074-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Dutch Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-075-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Dutch Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-076-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Russian Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-077-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Russian72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-078-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Russian Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-079-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Russian Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-080-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Arabic Prérequis124000052Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-081-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Arabic72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-082-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Arabic Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-083-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Arabic Corequis82300031Q233
UT-B2-TRAINT-084-M Command of the Language (part 1) : Chinese Prérequis123400046Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-085-M Introduction to Translation (part 1) : Chinese72200029Q133
UT-B2-TRAINT-086-M Command of the Language (part 2) : Chinese Corequis403400074Q277
UT-B2-TRAINT-087-M Introduction to Translation (part 2) : Chinese Corequis82300031Q233
General Courses9
UT-B2-TRAINT-017-M General Courses 170000070Q155
UT-B2-TRAINT-018-M General Courses 226000026Q122
UT-B2-TRAINT-019-M General Courses 326000026Q222
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Languages (2 to be selected)20
UT-B3-TRAINT-100-M Language, Culture and Institutions : German Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-101-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : German Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-102-M Language, Culture and Institutions : English Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-103-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : English Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-104-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Danish Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-105-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Danish Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-106-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Spanish Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-107-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Spanish Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-108-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Italian Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-109-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Italian Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-110-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Dutch Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-111-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Dutch Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-112-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Russian Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-113-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Russian Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-114-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Arabic Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-115-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Arabic Prérequis113400045Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-116-M Language, Culture and Institutions : Chinese Prérequis672300090Q166
UT-B3-TRAINT-117-M Translation and Introduction to Interpretation : Chinese Prérequis113400045Q144
General Courses6
UT-B3-TRAINT-008-M General Courses56000056Q166
Activities of Linguistic Immersion30
UT-B3-TRAINT-009-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : German Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-010-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : English Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-011-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Danish Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-012-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Spanish Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-013-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Italian Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-014-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Dutch Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-015-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Russian Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-061-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Arabic Prérequis000000Q23030
UT-B3-TRAINT-062-M Activities of Linguistic Immersion : Chinese Prérequis000000Q23030
3rd Elective Language4
UT-B3-TRAINT-016-M 3rd Language German (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-017-M 3rd Language German (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-018-M 3rd Language German (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-019-M 3rd Language English (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-020-M 3rd Language English (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-021-M 3rd Language English (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-022-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-023-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-024-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-025-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-026-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-027-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-028-M 3rd Language Danish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-029-M 3rd Language Danish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-B3-TRAINT-030-M 3rd Language Danish (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-031-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-032-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-033-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-037-M 3rd Language Italian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-038-M 3rd Language Italian (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-B3-TRAINT-039-M 3rd Language Italian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-040-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-041-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-042-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-043-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-044-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-045-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-046-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-047-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-B3-TRAINT-048-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-049-M 3rd Language Polish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-050-M 3rd Language Polish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-B3-TRAINT-052-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-053-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-054-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-055-M 3rd Language Russian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-056-M 3rd Language Russian (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-057-M 3rd Language Russian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-058-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-B3-TRAINT-059-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-B3-TRAINT-060-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 3)154500060Q144
Bloc MobilitéHours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
UE Mobility60
UT-BM-TRAINT-008-M Cultural Studies (German)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-009-M Cultural Studies (English)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-010-M Cultural Studies (Danish)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-011-M Cultural Studies (Spanish)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-012-M Cultural Studies (Italian)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-013-M Cultural Studies (Dutch)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-014-M Cultural Studies (Russian)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-071-M Cultural Studies (Arabic)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-072-M Cultural Studies (Chinese)30000030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-022-M Command of the Language : German (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-023-M Command of the Language : English (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-024-M Command of the Language : Danish (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-025-M Command of the Language : Spanish (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-026-M Command of the Language : Italian (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-027-M Command of the Language : Dutch (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-028-M Command of the Language : Russian (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-073-M Command of the Language : Arabic (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-074-M Command of the Language : Chinese (part 2)103400044Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-029-M German Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-030-M English Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-031-M Danish Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-032-M Spanish Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-033-M Italian Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-034-M Dutch Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-035-M Russian Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-075-M Arabic Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-076-M Chinese Translation (part 1)41100015Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-036-M German Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-037-M English Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-038-M Danish Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-039-M Spanish Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-040-M Italian Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-041-M Dutch Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-042-M Russian Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-086-M Arabic Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-087-M Chinese Translation (part 2)31200015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-043-M Translation into French : German (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-044-M Translation into French : English (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-045-M Translation into French : Danish (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-046-M Translation into French : Spanish (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-047-M Translation into French : Italian (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-048-M Translation into French : Dutch (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-049-M Translation into French : Russian (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-088-M Translation into French : Arabic (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-089-M Translation into French : Chinese (part 1)144600060Q155
UT-BM-TRAINT-050-M Translation into French : German (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-051-M Translation into French : English (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-052-M Translation into French : Danish (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-053-M Translation into French : Spanish (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-054-M Translation into French : Italian (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-055-M Translation into French : Dutch (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-056-M Translation into French : Russian (part 2)164400060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-090-M Translation into French : Arabic (part 2)154500060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-091-M Translation into French : Chinese (part 2)144600060Q255
UT-BM-TRAINT-064-M Interpretation : German (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-065-M Interpretation : English (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-066-M Interpretation : Danish (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-067-M Interpretation : Spanish (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-068-M Interpretation : Italian (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-069-M Interpretation : Dutch (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-070-M Interpretation : Russian (part 2)31200015Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-077-M German Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-078-M English Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-079-M Danish Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-080-M Spanish Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-081-M Italian Terminolgy72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-082-M Dutch Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-083-M Russian Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-084-M Arabic Terminology72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-085-M Chinese Terminology30000030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-092-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (German)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-093-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (English)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-094-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Danish)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-095-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Spanish)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-096-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Italian)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-097-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Dutch)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-098-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Russian)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-099-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Arabic)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-100-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Chinese)72300030Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-101-M a7800419Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-001-M Reasoned French Grammar (part a)51000419Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-002-M Written Communication (part a)72300434Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-003-M Oral Communication (part a)41100419Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-004-M Text Analysis (part b)7800419Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-005-M Reasoned French Grammar (part b)30000434Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-006-M Written Communication (part b)72300434Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-007-M Oral Communication (part b)41100419Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-016-M Introduction to Law45000045Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-017-M x30000030Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-018-M Geopolitics: contemporary issues30000030Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-019-M Economic and social History30000030Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-020-M Public International Law30000030Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-021-M Political Economy40000040Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-191-M Linguistics26000026Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-192-M Computer Assisted Translation30000030Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-193-M The history and theorires of translation26000026Q133
UT-BM-TRAINT-194-M Computer Assisted Translation and Interpretation Tools72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-195-M Seminar in Text Editing72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-102-M FLE72300030Q166
UT-BM-TRAINT-103-M FLE72300030Q266
UT-BM-TRAINT-104-M Language (German)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-105-M Language (English)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-106-M Language (Danish)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-107-M Language (Spanish)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-108-M Language (Italian)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-109-M Language (Dutch)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-110-M Language (Russian)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-111-M Language (Arabic)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-112-M Language (Chinese)72300030Q122
UT-BM-TRAINT-113-M Culture and Institutions (German)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-114-M Culture and Institutions (English)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-115-M Culture and Institutions (Danish)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-116-M Culture and Institutions (Spanish)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-117-M Culture and Institutions (Italian)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-118-M Culture and Institutions (Dutch)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-119-M Culture and Institutions (Russian)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-120-M Culture and Institutions (Arabic)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-121-M Culture and Institutions (Chinese)60000060Q144
UT-BM-TRAINT-122-M English Terminology72300030Q222
UT-BM-TRAINT-123-M Linguistics26000026Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-124-M Spanish Translation (part 1)400004Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-125-M English Translation (part 1)41100015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-126-M Russian Translation (part 1)41100015Q233
UT-BM-TRAINT-127-M Translation from French into the Foreign Language (Russian)72300030Q244
UT-BM-TRAINT-128-M 3rd Language German (level 1)154500060Q244
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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