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Faculty of Science
Master's in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology : Research Focus (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Ruddy WATTIEZ
  • Panel Secretary : Philippe GROSJEAN
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Courses required24
US-M1-SCBBMC-003-M Bioinformatics15000015Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-004-M Science des données III : exploration et prédiction151500030Q133
US-M1-SCBBMC-001-M Training in Animal Experimentation681200080Q155
US-M1-SCBBMC-005-M Molecular Phylogeny of Organisms15000015Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-007-M Intellectual Property and Strategic Intelligence15000015Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-002-M Scientific Training Workshop: Poster Session000000Q166
US-M1-SCBBMC-006-M Structural and Functional Proteomics300100040Q144
Initial Master Course15
US-M1-SCBBMC-045-M Virology15000015Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-568-M Biomechanics151000025Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-008-M Microbial Biotechnology20000020Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-009-M Cell Biology - Supplementary Course15000015Q222
US-M1-SCBBMC-010-M Elements of Clinical and Experimental Immunology15000015Q122
US-M1-SCBBMC-011-M Brain Plasticity102000030Q144
US-M1-SCBBMC-012-M Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology12003015Q222
US-M1-SCBBMC-013-M General Pharmacology20000020Q133
US-M1-SCBBMC-014-M Complements of molecular biology & gene regulation expression201500035Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-015-M Modern Techniques associated with Biochemistry, and Molecular and Cell Biology20000020Q133
US-M1-SCBBMC-016-M Predictive Toxicology (including Metabolomics)30000030Q244
Further Training21
US-M1-SCBBMC-034-M Ribosomal RNA Biogenesis53500040Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-033-M Applied Biogeography53500040Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-036-M Introduction to Electron Microscopy53500040Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-037-M Introduction to Data Analysis and Phylogenetic Inference53500040Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-042-M Environmental Microbiology53500040Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-044-M Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry53500040Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-029-M General Oceanography15000015Q222
US-MM-SCBBMC-045-M Placement: Ecology of Intertidal Environments000000Y1212
US-M1-SCBBMC-032-M Coral Reef Biodiversity and Ecology0014400144Q21212
US-M1-SCBBMC-035-M Introduction to Cell Culture and Molecular Biology00380038Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-038-M Macro- and Micro-Biological Treatment Photography and Image Analysis00380038Q233
US-M1-SCBBMC-040-M Clinical Immunohistochemistry and Morphometry Methods00380038Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-041-M Immunohistochemistry and Morphometry Methods - Fundamental Research00380038Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-046-M Work Placement: Mountain Ecology00760076Q266
US-M1-SCBBMC-047-M Work Placement Outside the University00380038Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-048-M Experimental Toxicology00380038Y33
US-M1-SCBBMC-049-M Data sciences and plankton50350040Q233
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Master Thesis30
US-M2-SCBBMC-001-M Master Thesis in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology000000Y3030
Courses Specific to Specialist Focus5
US-M2-BBMCFA-020-M Scientific Training Workshop- Conferences000000Q255
Further Studies25
US-M2-BBMCFA-021-M Bioinformatics101000020Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-022-M Cellular Biology of Cancer15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-023-M Integrated Biology (Genomics, Proteomics, Metabonomics)15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-024-M Biotechnology of Biological Polymers15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-025-M Biotechnology of Biological Polymers - Mass Spectrometry15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-026-M Genic therapy: from molecular biology to new personalized drugs201000030Q133
US-M2-BBMCFA-027-M Health Impact Risk Assessment10000010Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-028-M Molecular Imaging81500023Q144
US-M2-BBMCFA-029-M Nuclear Receptors15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-031-M Special Pharmacology15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-030-M Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-033-M Spectroscopy15000015Y22
US-M2-BBMCFA-035-M Digital and Phylogenetic Taxonomy15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-037-M Science des données V : recherche reproductible03000030Q133
US-M2-BBMCFA-036-M Clinical Toxicology15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-038-M Senses organs Histology15000015Q122
US-M2-BBMCFA-039-M Data Sciences IV00020020Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-040-M Neuropharmacology30000030Q144
US-M2-BBMCFA-041-M Research techniques in neurosciences45000045Q166
US-M2-BBMCFA-034-M Internship 0100380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-123-M Internship 0200380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-124-M Internship 0300380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-125-M Internship 0400380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-126-M Internship 0500380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-154-M Internship 0600380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-155-M Internship 0700380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-156-M Internship 0800380038Y33
US-M2-BBMCFA-157-M Internship 0900380038Y22
US-M2-BBMCFA-158-M Internship1000380038Y22
US-M2-BBMCFA-159-M Intership 1100380038Y11
US-M2-BBMCFA-160-M Internship 1200380038Y11
Bloc MobilitéHours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Mobility "OUT"
US-MM-SCBBMC-562-M Mobility "Out"000000Q23030
Mobility "IN"
US-MM-SCBBMC-560-M Analytical Methods Applied to Living Organisms000000Q23030
US-MM-SCBBMC-561-M French as a Foreign Language56000056Q255
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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