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Faculty of Science
Master's in Chemistry : Research Focus (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Pascal DAMMAN
  • Panel Secretary : Pascal GERBAUX
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Courses34
US-M1-SCCHIM-008-M Introduction to research0010000100Q288
US-M1-SCCHIM-001-M Solid State Chemistry403000070Q188
US-M1-SCCHIM-002-M Chemistry and the Environment15000015Q222
US-M1-SCCHIM-005-M Chemical Industries: Seminars and Visits00200020Q222
US-M1-SCCHIM-004-M Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Risk Management25000025Q133
US-M1-SCCHIM-006-M Coordination Chemistry15000015Q233
US-M1-SCCHIM-007-M Theoretical Molecular Chemistry101500025Q233
US-M1-SCCHIM-003-M Molecular Spectroscopy300100040Q155
Optional course18
Organic Chemistry and Spectroscopy
US-M1-SCCHIM-009-M Structural and Dynamic Analysis using NMR300300060Q255
US-M1-SCCHIM-010-M Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry150150030Q133
US-M1-SCCHIM-011-M Organic Mass Spectrometry300200050Q155
US-M1-SCCHIM-012-M Organic Synthesis Strategies300250055Q255
Materials Chemistry
US-M1-SCCHIM-014-M Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces300300060Q166
US-M1-SCCHIM-015-M Macromolecular Chemistry20000020Q133
US-M1-SCCHIM-013-M Materials and Energy450150060Q266
US-M1-SCCHIM-016-M Macromolecular Physics150150030Q233
Bio-inspired chemistry and life chemistry
US-M1-SCCHIM-052-M Macromolecular biochemistry150150030Q133
US-M1-SCCHIM-870-M Bio-inspired supramolecular chemistry300200050Q255
US-M1-SCCHIM-050-M Bio-macromolecular engineering250250050Q255
US-M1-SCCHIM-032-M Physical chemistry of living organisms302000050Q155
French as a Foreign Language 0
US-M1-SCCHIM-156-M French as a Foreign Language 256000056Q266
US-M1-SCCHIM-155-M French as a Foreign Language 156000056Q166
Courses Specific to Specialist Focus15
US-M2-CHIMFA-003-M Work Placement in a Research Laboratory0016000160Y1515
Cours à option spécifiques à la finalité approfondie15
Thematic chemistry of life
US-M2-CHIMFA-028-M Macromolecular biochemistry150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-151-M Molecular Biology30000030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-056-M Bio-inspired supramolecular chemistry10000010Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-035-M Applied supramolecular chemistry150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-057-M Bio-macromolecular engineering250250050Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-032-M Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-041-M Co- and Post-Translational Modifications of Proteins150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-040-M Nanotechnology - Controlled Release Systems15000015Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-030-M Pharmacognosy: Phytochemistry and studies of plant-derived drugs485000098Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-037-M Physico-chemistry of life302000050Q166
US-M2-CHIMFA-038-M Structural and Functional Proteomics300100040Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-042-M Predictive Toxicology (including metabolomics approach)30000030Q233
Interdisciplinary courses
US-M2-CHIMFA-153-M Dimensional Analysis and Scaling Laws15000015Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-039-M Calculation Methods Applied to Chemistry150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-036-M Course delivered by Guest Lecturer15000015Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-154-M Meteorology15000015Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-152-M Light Microscopy and Image Analysis15000015Y33
US-M2-CHIMFA-888-M Molecular Modelling in Chemistry150150030Q133
French as a Foreign Language
US-M2-CHIMFA-148-M French as a Foreign Language 156000056Q166
US-M2-CHIMFA-149-M French as a Foreign Language 256000056Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-031-M Structural and Dynamic Analysis using NMR300300060Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-023-M Mass Spectrometry - Supplementary Course150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-024-M Molecular Imaging301500045Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-025-M Macromolecular Engineering: Controlled Radical Polymerisation and Reactions15000015Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-022-M Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry15000015Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-029-M Investigation Methods for Non-Convalent Interactions15000015Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-026-M New Methodologies in Organic Synthesis150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-027-M Ring-Opening Polymerisation150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-033-M Organic Mass Spectrometry300200050Q166
US-M2-CHIMFA-034-M Organic Synthesis Strategies300250055Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-020-M Macromolecular Chemistry20000020Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-899-M Materials and energy450150060Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-019-M Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces300300060Q166
US-M2-CHIMFA-011-M Corrosion Science12600018Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-017-M Electron Spectroscopy for the Characterisation of Nanomaterials150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-005-M Introduction to Nanotechnology15000015Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-250-M Lasers: Fundamental Aspects, Security and Applications in Materials Science15000015Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-898-M Materials (nano) polymer composite150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-007-M Scanning Probe Microscopy150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-009-M Morphogenesis and Instabilities150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-004-M Quantum Chemistry of Materials Science150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-010-M Physical Chemistry of Plasmas15000015Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-012-M Solid State Physics30600036Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-021-M Macromolecular Physics150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-014-M Optical properties of anisotropic materials and non-linear200100030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-123-M Optical properties of nanostructures and functional materials200100030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-125-M Reactive extrusion processing of polymeric materials150150030Q233
US-M2-CHIMFA-016-M Instrumental Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications150150030Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-015-M Semiconductors3015150060Q266
US-M2-CHIMFA-013-M Plasma Technology for the Treatment of Materials1512150042Q133
US-M2-CHIMFA-100-M Additive Manufacturing: from Design Rules to 3D Printed Smart Polymeric Materials2424120060Q266
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Teachings
US-M2-SCCHIM-001-M Aspects of Contemporary Chemistry15000015Q122
US-M2-SCCHIM-002-M Master Thesis in Chemistry000000Y2828
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
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