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Faculty of Translation and Interpretation - School of International Interpreters
Master's in Translation : Specialist Focus on Multidisciplinary Translation (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Béatrice COSTA
  • Panel Secretary : Odile CUVELIER
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Languages (2 to be selected)20
UT-M1-TRADUC-001-M Translation - Terminology : German144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-150-M Culture and Language : German72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-152-M Tanslation : German82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-003-M Translation - Terminology : English144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-153-M Culture and Language : English72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-154-M Translation : English82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-005-M Translation - Terminology : Danish144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-155-M Culture and Language : Danish72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-156-M Translation : Danish82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-007-M Translation - Terminology : Spanish144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-157-M Culture and Language : Spanish72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-158-M Translation : Spanish82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-009-M Translation - Terminology : Italian144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-159-M Culture and Language : Italian72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-160-M Translation : Italian82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-011-M Translation - Terminology : Dutch144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-161-M Culture and Language : Dutch72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-162-M Translation : Dutch82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-013-M Translation - Terminology : Russian144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-163-M Culture and Language : Russian72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-164-M Translation : Russian82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-165-M Translation - Terminology : Arabic144600060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-166-M Culture and Language : Arabic72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-167-M Translation : Arabic82200030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-168-M Translation - Terminology : Chinese372300060Q155
UT-M1-TRADUC-169-M Culture and Language : Chinese72300030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-170-M Translation : Chinese72300030Q233
General Courses10
UT-M1-TRADUC-015-M General Courses144600060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-016-M Translation Workshop000000Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-101-M Preparatory Seminar for the Master's Thesis02000020Q222
Elective Course14
UT-M1-TRADUC-017-M 3rd Language German (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-018-M 3rd Language German (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-019-M 3rd Language German (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-020-M 3rd Language English (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-021-M 3rd Language English (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-022-M 3rd Language English (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-023-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-024-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-025-M 3rd Language Arabic (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-026-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-027-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-028-M 3rd Language Chinese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-029-M 3rd Language Danish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-030-M 3rd Language Danish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-031-M 3rd Language Danish (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-032-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-033-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-034-M 3rd Language Spanish (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-038-M 3rd Language Italian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-039-M 3rd Language Italian (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-040-M 3rd Language Italian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-041-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-042-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-043-M 3rd Language Japanese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-044-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-045-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-046-M 3rd Language Dutch (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-047-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-048-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-049-M 3rd Language Norwegian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-050-M 3rd Language Polish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-051-M 3rd Language Polish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-053-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-054-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-055-M 3rd Language Portuguese (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-056-M 3rd Language Russian (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-057-M 3rd Language Russian (level 2)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-058-M 3rd Language Russian (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-059-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 1)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-060-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 2)154500060Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-061-M 3rd Language Swedish (level 3)154500060Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-064-M German-French Literary Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-065-M Arabic-French Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-066-M English-French Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-067-M Danish-French Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-068-M Spanish-French Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-070-M Italian-French Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-071-M Dutch-French Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-072-M Norwegian-French Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-073-M Russian-French Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-074-M Swedish-French Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-075-M French-Arabic Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-077-M English-French Literary Translation72300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-078-M Spanish-French Literary Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-079-M Italian-French Literary Translation 172300030Q244
UT-M1-TRADUC-081-M Dutch-French Literary Translation72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-082-M Introduction to Dubbing72300030Q133
UT-M1-TRADUC-083-M Introduction to Subtitling72300030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-085-M Literary Texts Editing72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-087-M International Cultural Relations60000060Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-088-M American Civilization30000030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-089-M Study of the English Theater03000030Y22
UT-M1-TRADUC-091-M History of Language Teaching30000030Q122
UT-M1-TRADUC-092-M Institutions of the Arab World30000030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-093-M Introduction to Arab-Muslim Civilisation30000030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-094-M Introduction to Japanese Civilisation and Culture30000030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-095-M French-Speaking Literature30000030Q122
UT-M1-TRADUC-097-M Translation of Specialised Scandinavian Texts72300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-098-M Italian-French Literary Translation 272300030Q144
UT-M1-TRADUC-099-M Special Methodology of French as a Second Language101000020Q111
UT-M1-TRADUC-100-M Project00300030Q233
UT-M1-TRADUC-102-M Sign language60000060Y44
UT-M1-TRADUC-103-M In-dept reading of Chinese Texts30000030Q222
UT-M1-TRADUC-104-M Intensive reading of Chinese Texts30000030Q122
UT-M1-TRADUC-105-M Introduction to classical Chinese30000030Q222
Languages (2 to be selected)16
UT-M1-TRADMU-001-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : German113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-002-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : German Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-003-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : English113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-004-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : English Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-005-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Danish113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-006-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Danish Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-007-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Spanish113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-008-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Spanish Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-009-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Italian113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-010-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Italian Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-011-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Dutch113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-012-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Dutch Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-013-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Russian113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-014-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Russian Corequis113400045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-015-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Arabic113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-016-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Arabic Corequis103500045Q244
UT-M1-TRADMU-017-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 1) : Chinese113400045Q144
UT-M1-TRADMU-018-M Multidisciplinary Translation (part 2) : Chinese Corequis103500045Q244
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Languages (2 to be selected)8
UT-M2-TRADUC-150-M Analysis and Commentary : German31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-151-M Translation : German72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-152-M Analysis and Commentary : English31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-153-M Translation : English72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-154-M Analysis and Commentary : Danish31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-155-M Translation : Danish72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-156-M Analysis and Commentary : Spanish31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-157-M Translation : Spanish72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-158-M Analysis and Commentary : Italian31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-159-M Translation : Italian72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-160-M Analysis and Commentary : Dutch31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-161-M Translation : Dutch72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-162-M Analysis and Commentary : Russian31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-163-M Translation : Russian72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-164-M Analysis and Commentary : Arabic31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-165-M Tanslation : Arabic72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-166-M Analysis and Commentary : Chinese31200015Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-167-M Translation : Chinese72300030Q122
UT-M2-TRADUC-008-M Master Thesis000000Y1616
UT-M2-TRADUC-009-M Internship - German Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-010-M Internship - English Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-011-M Internship - Danish Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-012-M Internship - Spanish Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-013-M Internship - Italian Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-014-M Internship - Dutch Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-015-M Internship - Russian Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-016-M Internship - Arabic Prérequis000000Q21010
UT-M2-TRADUC-017-M Internship - Chinese Prérequis000000Q21010
Languages (2 to be selected)14
UT-M2-TRADMU-001-M Multidisciplinary Translation : German Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-002-M Multidisciplinary Translation : English Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-003-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Danish Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-004-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Spanish Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-005-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Italian Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-006-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Dutch Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-007-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Russian Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-008-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Arabic Prérequis226800090Q177
UT-M2-TRADMU-009-M Multidisciplinary Translation : Chinese Prérequis226800090Q177
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
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