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Programme component of Master's in Translation à la Faculty of Translation and Interpretation - School of International Interpreters

Students are asked to consult the ECTS course descriptions for each learning activity (AA) to know what special Covid-19 assessment methods are possibly planned for the end of Q3

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UT-M1-TRADUC-100-MOptional UEBERRE MichelT201 - Didactique des langues et des cultures
  • BERRE Michel

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  • Français
Français00300033.002nd term

AA CodeTeaching Activity (AA) HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HR(*) HD(*) Term Weighting
Programme component

Objectives of Programme's Learning Outcomes

  • Linguistic Skills - Apply linguistic knowledge to the practice of translation or interpretation.
    • Master the foreign languages at level C2 in reading and listening, and level C1 in writing and speaking.
    • Continuously assess and maintain that linguistic knowledge.
  • Thematic Competency - Develop and apply thematic knowledge related to domains in which translation is practised.
    • Identify what information and documentation is required.
    • Master the strategies, tools and techniques needed for carrying out documentary or terminological research.
    • Recognise when and know how to consult an expert.
    • Maintain personal archives in a logical, efficient and accessible manner.
  • IT Skills - Be familiar with and be able to use computer tools designed for translation and any applications specific to fields of specialisation.
    • Keep up with new developments in the field of IT and use it for professional purposes or to carry out research.

Learning Outcomes of UE

Basic knowledge of foreign language didactics - Use of specialised literature texts and the main reference tools in the domaine (encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, journals, etc.) - Critical reporting using scientific knowledge related to the language didactics domaine.

Content of UE

The students have to carry out a project in the field of FLT. This "project" consists of theoretical and practical work, involving the reading of articles in the relevant scientific field. It can take various forms (setting up scientific events, summary of lectures, publications, summary of articles, etc.), but cannot simply be a project based on lesson preparation. The project implementation modalities may vary due to the number of students enrolled.  

Prior Experience

Not applicable

Type of Assessment for UE in Q2

  • Presentation and/or works
  • Oral Examination

Q2 UE Assessment Comments

An oral exam will be organised if the quality of the work produced by the end of the second term is not sufficient.

Type of Assessment for UE in Q3

  • Presentation and/or works
  • Oral examination

Q3 UE Assessment Comments

An oral exam will be organised if the quality of the work produced by the end of the third term is not sufficient.

Type of Teaching Activity/Activities

AAType of Teaching Activity/Activities
  • Projets supervisés

Mode of delivery

AAMode of delivery
  • Mixed

Required Reading


Required Learning Resources/Tools

AARequired Learning Resources/Tools
T-DOYE-800Not applicable

Recommended Reading


Recommended Learning Resources/Tools

AARecommended Learning Resources/Tools
T-DOYE-800Blanchet P. et Chardenet P., Guide pour la recherche en didactique des langues et des cultures, Paris, Editions des Archives contemporaines, 2011 (édit. révisées en libre accès sur Internet).  Michael and Adelheid (ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Language Teaching and Learning, 2nd edit., 2013 [2004]. Galisson R. et Coste D. (dir.), Dictionnaire de didactique des langues, Paris, Hachette, 1976 Eli (ed.), Handbook of Research in Second Language Teaching and Learning, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, New Jersey, 2005 James Simpson (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Applied Linguistics, Routledge, Abingdon, 2011 Reuter Yves (éd.). Dictionnaire des concepts fondamentaux des didactiques, Bruxelles, De Boeck, 2007

Other Recommended Reading

AAOther Recommended Reading
T-DOYE-800Not applicable

Grade Deferrals of AAs from one year to the next

AAGrade Deferrals of AAs from one year to the next
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
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