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Faculty of Science
Bachelor's in Computer Science (MONS) (day schedule) (Mons)
  • Panel Chairperson : Tom MENS
  • Panel Secretary : Souhaib BEN TAIEB
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Courses
US-B1-SCINFO-001-M Computer Architecture301500045Q255
US-B1-SCINFO-002-M Elementary Mathematics08200082Q144
US-B1-SCINFO-005-M General Physics I301500045Q155
US-B1-SCINFO-006-M General Physics II301500045Q255
US-B1-SCINFO-007-M Computer Programming and Algorithms I306000090Q11010
US-B1-SCINFO-008-M Computer Programming and Algorithms II304500075Q299
US-B1-SCINFO-009-M Information Technology Project00600060Q255
US-B1-SCINFO-004-M Calculus I303600066Q166
US-B1-SCINFO-003-M Mathématiques pour l'informatique4080000120Q21111
Activités d'aide à la réussite
US-B1-SCINFO-010-M Support for Success00005050Q1,Q2
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Courses
US-B2-SCINFO-001-M English for science50000050Q1,Q233
US-B2-SCINFO-003-M Databases I306000090Q188
US-B2-SCINFO-004-M Probability Corequis201000030Q233
US-B2-SCINFO-005-M Political Economy3614003282Q133
US-B2-SCINFO-006-M Electronics Corequis100200030Q233
US-B2-SCINFO-007-M Software Engineering Corequis262800054Q166
US-B2-SCINFO-008-M Optimisation Corequis141400028Q144
US-B2-SCINFO-009-M Software Engineering Project Corequis80480056Q1,Q266
US-B2-SCINFO-010-M Networks I Corequis303000060Q266
US-B2-SCINFO-014-M LaTeX Training303006Q1
US-B2-SCINFO-012-M Operating Systems Corequis303000060Q166
US-B2-SCINFO-011-M Data Structures I Corequis303000060Q266
US-B2-SCINFO-013-M Nombres complexes Corequis01420016Q122
US-B2-SCINFO-002-M Calculus II Corequis121800030Q244
Bloc 3Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Compulsory Courses47
US-B3-SCINFO-001-M Databases II Corequis303000060Q266
US-B3-SCINFO-002-M Probability and Statistic Corequis291330045Q144
US-B3-SCINFO-003-M Graphs and Combinatorial Optimisation Corequis361200048Q155
US-B3-SCINFO-005-M Artificial Intelligence Corequis301500045Q155
US-B3-SCINFO-006-M Introduction to accounting301500045Q144
US-B3-SCINFO-007-M Seminar: IT in Business Management03000030Q222
US-B3-SCINFO-010-M Data Structures II Corequis300300060Q1,Y66
US-B3-SCINFO-011-M Compilation Corequis300300060Q266
US-B3-SCINFO-012-M Functional Programming Corequis150150030Q133
US-B3-SCINFO-019-M Machine learning I Prérequis Corequis303000060Q266
Optional Courses13
US-B3-SCINFO-004-M Real-time computing systems Prérequis Corequis201000030Q233
US-B3-SCINFO-021-M Cryptography and security of computing systems Prérequis Corequis300150045Q155
US-B3-SCINFO-013-M Logical Programming Corequis150150030Q233
US-B3-SCINFO-008-M Simulations Prérequis Corequis150150030Q233
US-B3-SCINFO-015-M Introduction to Numerical Analysis Corequis305000080Q1,Q288
US-B3-SCINFO-016-M Signal processing Prérequis Corequis163200048Q155
US-B3-SCINFO-017-M English for scientific communication30000030Q1,Q233
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
Please note, the course titles given here are translations of the original titles and are provided in English for information only. In order to know in which language the course will be taught, please refer to the French page. There, the titles provided in French indicate that the course is taught in French and the titles provided in English indicate that the course is taught in English.
Date de génération : 21/06/2023
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