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Master's in Electrical Engineering : Specialist Focus on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Communication (MONS) (day schedule)
  • Panel Chairperson : Véronique FELDHEIM
  • Panel Secretary : Olivier DEBLECKER
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Bloc 1Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Enseignements du tronc commun
UI-M1-IRELEC-001-M Patent Rights and Social Laws36000036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-002-M Signal Processing204000060Q155
UI-M1-IRELEC-013-M Network Security28800036Q133
UI-M1-IRELEC-014-M Digital Electronics Corequis342600060Q155
UI-M1-IRELEC-015-M Analog Electronics Corequis282000048Q144
UI-M1-IRELEC-016-M Control of Multivariable Systems181800036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-017-M Energy Electronics242400048Q144
UI-M1-IRELEC-018-M Project09600096Q288
UI-M1-IRELEC-019-M Electrical Vehicles Drives18600024Q122
UI-M1-IRELEC-020-M Steady-State Operation of Synchronous Machines141000024Q122
UI-M1-IRELEC-021-M Advanced Optical Communications18600024Q222
UI-M1-IRELEC-022-M Optimal Control and Estimation321600048Q244
UI-M1-IRELEC-023-M Steady-State Disturbed Operation of Power Systems18600024Q222
UI-M1-IRELEC-024-M Propagation and Protocols for the Internet of Things481200060Q155
UI-M1-IRELEC-030-M Entering the professional world080008Q1
Option - Life Sciences
UI-M1-IRELEC-171-M Robotics and Biomedical Applications221400036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-172-M Biomedical Signal Processing322800060Q255
Option - Smart Grids
UI-M1-IRELEC-271-M High Voltage Engineering12000012Q211
UI-M1-IRELEC-272-M Transients in Synchronous Machines16800024Q222
UI-M1-IRELEC-273-M Exact Optimization of Energy Systems241200036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-274-M Security of Supply in Renewable-Dominated Power Systems121200024Q222
Option - Smart Media
UI-M1-IRELEC-371-M Computer Vision162000036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-372-M Networks for Multimedia241200036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-373-M Speech and Language Processing121200024Q222
Option - Telecommunication and Sensing
UI-M1-IRELEC-771-M Advanced Communication Systems241200036Q233
UI-M1-IRELEC-772-M Intelligent Sensing441600060Q255
Enseignements de la finalité Artificial Intelligence and Smart Communication
UI-M1-IRELAI-002-M Optical Communications341400048Q244
UI-M1-IRELAI-003-M Audio Processing Corequis201600036Q244
UI-M1-IRELAI-004-M Wireless and mobile communications for Internet of Things16800024Q122
UI-M1-IRELAI-005-M Antennas and Propagation18600024Q122
UI-M1-IRELAI-006-M Network Security and Management28800036Q133
Bloc 2Hours (*)TermCreditsWeight.
HT(*) HTPE(*) HTPS(*) HD(*) HR(*) Total
Enseignements du tronc commun
UI-M2-IRELEC-001-M Master Thesis000000Y2020
UI-M2-IRELEC-002-M Work Placement000000Q11010
Opening Modules15
Modules d'ouverture internationaux
UI-M2-IRELEC-401-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - International I000000Y22
UI-M2-IRELEC-402-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - International II000000Y33
UI-M2-IRELEC-403-M Development Cooperation000000Y55
UI-M2-IRELEC-404-M Intercultural Relations24000024Q222
UI-M2-IRELEC-405-M International Relations36000036Q233
UI-M2-IRELEC-411-M Elementary German 120800028Q122
UI-M2-IRELEC-412-M Elementary German 220800028Q233
UI-M2-IRELEC-421-M Elementary Spanish 120800028Q122
UI-M2-IRELEC-422-M Elementary Spanish 220800028Q233
UI-M2-IRELEC-431-M Elementary Dutch 120800028Q122
UI-M2-IRELEC-432-M Elementary Dutch 120800028Q233
UI-M2-IRELEC-433-M Nederlands voor het bedrijsfleven 1362000056Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-434-M Nederlands voor het bedrijfsleven 22024120056Q255
UI-M2-IRELEC-490-M Writing and Presenting Master Thesis in English000000Y55
UI-M2-IRELEC-491-M Mobility Stays Abroad: Study Period or a Traineeship000000Y55
Modules d'ouverture SHES
UI-M2-IRELEC-501-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - SHES I000000Y22
UI-M2-IRELEC-502-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - SHES II000000Y33
UI-M2-IRELEC-503-M Business strategy tools421800060Q255
UI-M2-IRELEC-504-M Quality, Environment and Safety56000056Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-505-M Creative Teams Management303000060Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-506-M Social Responsability of the Engineer243600060Q255
UI-M2-IRELEC-590-M ESW with Stay in a Research Center on in a Company000000Y55
UI-M2-IRELEC-591-M Long Term Placement (with Work Accreditation before Placement)000000Q155
Modules d'ouverture Métier (Technique)
UI-M2-IRELEC-601-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - Métier I000000Y22
UI-M2-IRELEC-602-M Crédits d'Engagement Etudiant (CrEE) - Métier II000000Y33
UI-M2-IRELEC-603-M Project Management and Case Studies392100060Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-608-M Défis en intelligence artificielle123600048Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-611-M Entrepreneuriat technologique et durable000000Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-613-M Geospatial Data Management and Analysis. Principles and applications124800060Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-615-M IoE and Green Computing243600060Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-620-M Energy Economics201600036Q133
UI-M2-IRELEC-621-M Project in Energy Economics Corequis00240024Q222
Optional courses0
UI-M2-IRELEC-722-M Scientific and Technological Topics in Electrical Engineering000000Y22
UI-M2-IRELEC-723-M Advanced Scientific and Technological Topics in Electrical Engineering000000Y33
Language lessons for ERAMUS non French native speakers0
UI-M2-IRELEC-901-M French as foreign language 156000056Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-902-M French as a Foreign Language 256000056Q255
Mandatory courses organized from 2024-20250
UI-M2-IRELEC-011-M Advanced Electronics362400060Q155
UI-M2-IRELEC-012-M Artificial Intelligence : Case Studies36000036Q133
Option - Life sciences
UI-M2-IRELEC-171-M Nonlinear Modeling of Biosystems362400060Q133
UI-M2-IRELEC-172-M Operational Management in Health Systems142200036Q122
UI-M2-IRELEC-173-M Biomedical Sensors20400024Q222
Option - Smart Grids
UI-M2-IRELEC-201-M Power System Dynamics and Stability162000036Q133
UI-M2-IRELEC-202-M Smart Grids40800048Q144
Option - Smart Media
UI-M2-IRELEC-301-M Audio and Music Processing201600036Q233
UI-M2-IRELEC-302-M Visual Processing and Smart Spaces242400048Q144
Option - Telecommunication and Sensing
UI-M2-IRELEC-701-M Photonics Devices for Telecom and Sensing18600024Q122
UI-M2-IRELEC-702-M Wireless Communications and Mobile Telephony421800060Q155
Enseignements de la finalité Artificial Intelligence and Smart Communication
UI-M2-IRELAI-001-M Visual Processing and Smart Spaces242400048Q144
UI-M2-IRELAI-002-M Advanced Optical Communications Prérequis241200036Q133
UI-M2-IRELAI-004-M Telecommunications Case Studies161208036Q133
UI-M2-IRELAI-006-M Advanced Electronics362400060Q155
(*) HT : Hours of theory - HTPE : Hours of in-class exercices - HTPS : hours of practical work - HD : HMiscellaneous time - HR : Hours of remedial classes. - Per. (Period), Y=Year, Q1=1st term et Q2=2nd term
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